Love Your Grey
The community to be and become the best you.

What does Love Your Grey mean?

The idea started with embracing the grey hair as we stepped into the autumn of life. Along with that came the wrinkles and sagging skin. Our bodies are not what they used to be as well, and we are breathless after a few steps up the stairs. How can we make 10,000 steps a day? We asked as we struggled to come to terms with reality.

How did we come together?

We’ve been lied to all our lives, that we have to be perfect to mean anything and to be loved. And due to this lie, we beat ourselves up endlessly when we don’t show up perfect. We have been so hard on ourselves that it’s stifling, it gets so bad that we give up on ourselves.

Guess what? You’re not alone. Here at Love Your Grey, we are a group of women who have experienced what you’re going through. Except we have found a community of likeminded women who saw the potential and awesomeness we each possess. This community gave us space and love as we loosen the shackles on our lives.

What will you find here?

We have spent combined centuries looking for solutions for our various needs: face, skin, and body, in the area of nutrition and weight. And what you’ll find here is our honest and most trusted recommendations we have for our friends and inner circle.

Nobody likes bad skin and we have the solutions to make it better. These solutions are innovative and validated by science and objective assessment. That’s what is known as high science. We are delighted to be partners with a company that offers a robust product line. This is backed by a rigorous standard to ensure a high standard of quality. All these ensure that the solutions are effective and safe. You can be assured that these are targeted at the sources of aging and not just signs on the surface.