Do you feel like you are still waiting for your eyes to join you when you wake up? Do you normally get the optimal amount of sleep, yet are you a victim of tired eyes? Do your eyes stay creased even when you’re not squinting? Do you have unwanted puffiness… but you aren’t old?

Under eye concerns are practically ageless. Even younger individuals can show signs of premature aging and start to lose that youthful elasticity look around the eyes. The big “WHY?” is answered with simple physiology. The skin surrounding your eyes is the thinnest, most delicate skin on your body. It lacks the amount of structural proteins that accompanies the skin in other areas because there is just less of it. This thinness also leaves your skin wide open to damage. Damage from sun, pollution, and any other environmental factor that wreaks havoc on skin.

The lack of structure in this area allows fluid to accumulate. This is what can cause puffy eye lids and under eye bags. The environmental damage (and unfortunately for some, just poor genes) leads to dark circles, undereye bags and puffiness, or crepe-like eyelids. This lack of structure and damage allows for fine lines to settle in earlier than anywhere else.

But we are not at the mercy of our physiology. In this day, we have technology on our side to combat, postpone, and even visibly change the way this most delicate of skin looks resulting in better, younger looking eyes.

Adeline Heng